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Melaka City is the capital of the state of Melaka, on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. Visiting Melaka is a unique experience with a rich historical and cultural background from previous Portuguese, Dutch and British rule. The city centre was listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in July 2008, along with Georgetown, Penang.

Culture & Heritage

The older part of the city proper has, in addition to the old palace and the large buildings left by the Europeans, many private houses and shops from nearly a century or more ago, put up by Chinese traders. Many of these have beautiful details such as moulded porcelain tiles and painted plaster reliefs on the front. Popular historical attractions are Fort A Famosa, St. John's Fort, St. Peter's Church, Stadthuys and lots more!


Two of the most important museums in Melaka are the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum and the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum. Jonker street is another very attractive place in Melaka and a popular area of the historic city to visit where you can find clothing and craft outlet as well as restaurants. Don't forget to enjoy the day and night river cruise views at Melaka River.

Food & Drink

Besides the usual Malaysian fare, you'll be able to sample some rather peculiar Melakan food. Belacan, a Malay variety of shrimp paste, is prepared from fresh shrimp of a species known as keragu in Malay. When in Melaka, don't miss the cendol ("chen-dul"), a sweet dessert of coconut milk, lurid green noodles and gula Melaka (Melaka sugar), made from palm sap which is a very good thirst quencher especially during hot and sunny day.


Melaka City is most famous for its sale of antiques when it comes to shopping. Handicrafts and cultural souvenirs are also found in abundance, so you'll always have something to bring home for remembrance. Take a trip to Melaka's biggest shopping malls – Mahkota Parade and Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall.

Melaka City Facts:

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