George Town, Pulau Pinang

Kapitan Keling Mosque, George Town, Penang Kapitan Keling Mosque, George Town, Penang

George Town is the capital of the state of Pulau Pinang in Malaysia. Named after Britain's King George III, George Town is located on the north-east corner of Penang Island. On 7 July 2008, George Town was, together with Melaka, formally inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is officially recognized as having a unique architectural and cultural townscape without parallel anywhere in East and Southeast Asia

Culture & Heritage

Fort Cornwallis, built by Francis Light as a defensive measure when he first gained possession of Penang island, is the oldest British structure in Penang. Located where the Esplanade now stands and where he first landed on the island, it was originally built of wood and was subsequently replaced by brick. The architecture of the Suffolk House is of the Anglo-Indian Garden House style, commonly found in British India. It sits upon land once owned by Light as his pepper estate whereupon light built a humble timber and attap garden house, noted in letters from visiting friends.


Kapitan Keling Mosque is the most prominent historic mosque in Penang and features a dome-shaped minaret reflecting Moorish Islamic influence. Pinang Peranakan Mansion, a typical representation of the Straits eclectic style of architecture highly favoured by rich Peranakan families of old. Queen Victoria Clock Tower, the 60 ft high clock tower was presented to Penang by local millionaire Cheah Chen Eok in 1897 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

Food & Drink

Penang is widely considered to be the food capital of Malaysia, and Georgetown is the best place in Penang to eat. There are many many shops offering various Indian, Chinese, Malay, Western etc. foods for you to savour.Penang Laksa, a dish of thick round rice noodles in a spicy and sour tamarind-based (or assam fruit-based) fish soup. This city also famous for its Tari Burger, Otak-otak (fresh fish fillets blended with light spices, coconut milk and other herbs), mee goreng mamak (fresh yellow egg noodles stir fried with mutton or lamb, vegetables).


Little India is where many traditional Indian traders selling all sorts of Indian traditional wares such as saris, garlands, trinkets, sculptures, Indian music, handicrafts and many more. At the Little Penang Street Market, visitors can find many different types of merchandise there including silverware, clogs, henna art, seashell art, hand-paint clothes, hand-made jewellery, calligraphy, batik, portraits and there is also live music, a children's corner and other interesting activities. Here, there are many shopping malls for examples Island Plaza, Penang Plaza and Prangin Mall.

George Town Facts:

  • Population - 740,200
  • State - Pulau Pinang
  • Nearest airport - Penang International Airport
  • Local food - Penang Laksa, Otak-otak (cake made of fish meat and spices)
  • Nearest towns/cities - Sungai Petani, Kulim
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