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Many visitors do not need a visa to visit Malaysia and are exempt when visiting for holidays or social purposes, however it is really important to check before travelling.

If you are not exempt and do require a visa you will need to get this from your home country before travelling, unless your nationality is offered a visa on arrival, but the Malaysian High Commission, Embassy, Consulate local to where you live will be able to advise you on the current requirements.

On arrival if you are from one of the countries that are exempt from requiring a visa you will receive a permit to stay for a defined period depending on your nationality.

Regardless of if you require a visa or are exempt, do remember that you need to have a passport that is valid for 6 months after your departure date, so if you arrive on the 1st of the month and leave on the 30th of the month, the passport should be valid for 6 months from the 30th of the month. If you passport is not fully valid your airline may not allow you to board and the immigration authority will not permit you to land in Malaysia.

You will need to fully complete the white immigration card on arrival, hand this to the immigration stand along with your passport. The immigration officer will then issue the permit to stay depending on your passport / nationality after taking your fingerprint.

Countries exempt from requiring a visa will receive a 90 days permit to stay include:

UK [England / Scotland / Wales]
New Zealand
South Africa

Countries exempt from requiring a visa will receive a 30 days permit to stay include:

Netherlands / Holland

Countries exempt from requiring a visa will receive a 14 days permit to stay include:

those from Iran will receive a 15 days permit

Several countries are required to get a visa before they travel, even if you are planning a short transit where you cross immigration, such as flights with Air Asia or if you wish to transfer within KUL airport from the terminal at KLIA to the terminal at LCCT. You must get your visa before you travel and it must be valid for the whole time that you are planning to stay in Malaysia. The immigration authority will not permit you to land in Malaysia if you do not have a visa before you travel. This includes transit [short stay] visas. Those who require a visa to stay include:

Sri Lanka
Myanmar / Burma

Malaysia does not offer Visas on Arrival for those that require them, and even a stay of 1 or 2 hours when changing aircraft when crossing immigration require a transit visa, however if meeting some criteria India, Bangadesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka passport holders can apply for a transit without visa facility.

A full list can be found on the Immigration Department Of Malaysia website.


1. Transit Without Visa (TWOV) facility is not offered others than to Indian Sub Continental Countries citizens, India, Bangadesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
2. TWOV cannot be given to visitors who do not possess visa from 3rd country of destination as follows:

Australia; New Zealand, United States of America, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea

3. TWOV facility cannot exceed more than 120 hours (5 days).
4. TWOV facility is not available at entry point other than Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).
5. TWOV cannot be offered to passenger sponsored by airlines other than Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. At present only MAS and Air Asia have agreed and accepted all terms and conditions imposed by the Malaysian Government.
6. TWOV cannot be given to visitors who do not fulfil the following:

  • Valid national passport or internationally recognized travel document
  • Travel documents valid for more than six (6) months from the date of entry
  • A return ticket to country of origin
  • Not listed in the Immigration Department’s suspected list

Countries not allowed to enter Malaysia include:


If your country is not listed and for more information visit this page for more details.

If you intend to visit Malaysia more than once during your trip, then if you are exempt for a visa you will be issued with a permit to stay for the number of days relevant to your passport. If you are require a visa then you can apply for a Multiple Entry Visa before you travel. A Multiple Entry Visa is valid for a maximum of one (1) year only. Each entry allows the holder to remain in Malaysia up to 30 days, and extension of stay is not permitted. The conditions of Multiple Entry Visa are that applicants must demonstrate sufficient funds to remain in Malaysia without recourse to public funds, and possess valid and confirmed return tickets.

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