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In general Malaysia is very safe, with violent attacks being uncommon. However, the usual travel precautions apply, such as restraining your urge to go wandering around seedy areas alone late at night. There is no harm practicing common sense and precautions like you would do at home.

Before you leave

  • Keep important emergency numbers like your Embassy number in Malaysia, your bank numbers, credit card companies, whom to contact in case of emergency. Malaysian emergency number is 999 or 112 from a mobile phone.
  • Sort out your money and cards. Bring an extra pouch for all the coins and split your money up into a mix of cards, cash and travelers checks. Do not leave everything in one purse or one bag. 
  • Do not leave your valuables, passports, important documents, camera, jewelry unattended even if its in your hotel room. Lock up your valuables in your room safe or at the reception safe. 
  • Be alert at ALL times and be aware of your surroundings. 

Pick pockets / Snatch thieves

  • Beware if you are taking public transport e.g monorail or bus. Make sure you keep your wallet in front of your pockets and secured all the time.
  • Avoid walking down poorly lit streets, shortcuts, and narrow alleys. 

Credit Card Fraud

  • Credit card fraud continues to be a problem in Malaysia, although enhanced technology has somewhat reduced reported instances of fraud. Keep an eye on your cards and keep all the receipts in case something happens and you can clarify it with the bank. When dining in the hotel, try to keep the bills on a tab and charge everything to your room and pay when you check-out instead of swiping your cards every night.

Withdrawing money at the ATM

  • Look for ATMs that are inside a bank and try not to withdraw cash in the middle of the night or from an ATM that is situated outside by the pedestrian walkway.
  • Try to withdraw small sums and do not flash your cash around even if its in the bank. 
  • Be discreet, cover the PIN pad with your other hand when entering your PIN. 

Tips for Women travelers

  • Malaysia is a generally safe place for women traveling alone. However, do practice common sense like you would do at home and understand that Malaysia is a country with majority of Muslims. Here are some tips for ladies traveling alone:

Dressing up or dressing down

  • Try not to wear skimpy clothes everywhere you go and pair if with huge pair of expensive sunglasses with diamonds and huge jewelry and don't carry a huge branded bag which is open around the top around everywhere you go; people will either disturb you or you will be a potential victim for snatch thieves/pickpockets if you pull too much attention.
  • While skimpy clothes and open-back dresses are completely acceptable in most city clubs and discos after sunset; its NOT common to wear such things while sightseeing during day. Not only will you get a terribly sunburn on your back and legs; you might be refused entry to some places like the mosques. Many Hotel restaurants has got dress codes for ladies and gents; and they might refuse entry if you show up with a pair of hot shorts and bikini top. 

Public Toilets

  • Many public toilets don't have toilet paper, so please bring your own.
  • Get a pair of good covered shoes that won't slip in the watery toilets and a covered one so the water won't wet your feet. Fold your long pants up before you go in.

Staying healthy in Malaysia

  • Malaysia is a generally hot and humid country. Drink plenty of water and avoid strenuous activities in the full midday hot sun.
  • Malaysian food can get rather spicy and hot. Always bring medication for stomach upset or diarrhea if you have had problems with spicy food or stomach upset. 
  • Talk to your doctor a few months before you plan to travel to stock up on your medication or for vaccinations.
  • Babies and young children are prone to nappy rashes in the hot and humid country. Buy baby powder and clean the affected parts regularly. Baby powder and diapers are available in pharmacies and in most malls. 
  • For those planning to go for outdoors activities, e.g jungles trekking, particularly in Borneo, please consult your family doctor if malaria tablets or other vaccinations are required, particularly if one had traveled to Africa in the last six (6) months. For those requiring protection from insects, particularly mosquitoes, obtain an insect repellant, or mixing baby oil in proportion with Dettol. 
  • Jellyfishes might lurk around the waters of Malaysia. Seek immediate seek medical treatment if you are stung.
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