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Having been a home on stilts on the shores for the Chew Clan community more than a century and is still now, the Chew Jetty has withstood the test of time and a strong testament of living heritage for Penang and the world to mesmerize.

Started merely as a wooden passageway and slowly created into a cluster of houses perch above the sea shores by stilts above the never ending shifting tides, this communal site is locked in a time zone by itself, disregarding the urban development that is taking place around it.

Penang being a heritage town is rich with attractive historic sites and cultural events, but this inimitable settlement stands out as a truly unique living heritage. The Chew Jetty is actually a whole settlement of wooden houses built on silts and the name “Chew” is the surname (the first name) of the residences and that’s where the name was derived. Migrant’s families with this surname would live together in this area.

Clan Jetties

Weld Quay, Penang 10300

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