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Johor (10)
Kedah (12)
Labuan (14)
Melaka (22)
Pahang (20)
Perak (8)
Perlis (9)
Sabah (25)
Sarawak (22)
Level T2A, First World Plaza, Genting Highlands, Pahang
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At -6°C, experience the biggest winter wonderland in Malaysia. The SnowWorld houses fantasies and wonders on a fairyland at the peak. There are many attraction spots such as The Winter Downtown + World Heritage Concept, Day-Night LED Light Animation Scheme, The Lookout Point, Warm House and Play Slide + Cresta Run Toboggan Slide + Snowball Time.

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Jln Jati 2, Bdr. Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, Pahang
Phone: +603 6100 1121
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Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, located at Gohtong Jaya is a five-acre land that grows 100,000 juicy red strawberries. Founded by K.C Chung, the farm's mission is to diversify the tourism attractions at the highland resort as well as creating a wholesome activity for the whole family while vacationing at Genting Highlands.

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Pohon Batu Beach, Labuan
Phone: +608 742 3445

Pohon Batu Beach is ideal for swimming and water sports. It is a beautiful beach lined with casuarinas and palm trees.

Picturesque vistas and welcoming beaches can be found in Labuan's many beaches, including Layang Layangan, Pancur Hitam and Pohon Batu. These and many other beaches had received the COBSEA Clean Beach Award, a recognition given by the United Nations Environment Programme.

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An-Nur Jame' Mosque, Labuan
Phone: 087-414212

The Labuan State Mosque is also known as the An'Nur Jamek Mosque. Its futuristic and amazing architecture is one of its main attractions that attract tourists from every corner of the world. The architecture of the state mosque in Labuan is simply fascinating. It is quite certain that you can stand there for long just to appreciate the architecture design in and out of the mosque. There are many tourists take picture outside of the mosque. After visiting the mosque, if you are interested in discover and understand more about the multi cultures and believes in Malaysians, there are more places of worships you can spend some time to pay a visit.

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Peace Park, Labuan

Peace Park at Layang-Layangan is situated close to Surrender Point, the place where the 32nd Japanese Southern Army surrendered to the 9th Australian Imperial Forces on 9 September 1945. The Japanese arrived at Labuan on January 1, 1942, less than a month after they had started their campaign in Malaya at Kota Bharu. They took formal possession of the island on the 3rd, having faced no resistance.

The Peace Park was built as a memorial and also as a renunciation of the horrors of war. It is dominated by the memorial mound which is surrounded by landscaped gardens and pavilions. Small ponds with stone bridges and park seats are all Japanese-inspired. A bronze plaque commemorating the surrender is mounted on a stone slab near the entrance.

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Labuan Garden, Labuan

Located behind the old airport is the Botanical Garden which was formerly the site of the Government House, locally known by "Bumbung 12". Built in 1852, the house was a long and low structure with an interesting roof design. Today only the water storage tank remains, along with a small grave of a much-loved foxhound named 'Jim'.

The Botanical Garden is a recreational park with old trees and beautiful landscaping. And what fascinating tales they are!

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